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  • 23 Jul 2015 10:08 PM | Melody Sears (Administrator)
    My 18x24 painting, "Sunny in Northern New Mexico", was accepted into the Oil Painters of America (OPA) Western Regional Exhibition opening August 7th at Wild Horse Gallery in Steamboat Springs, CO.

  • 20 Jul 2015 6:11 PM | Melody Sears (Administrator)

    Rosie Sandifer’s group of paintings for Rim to Ruins, Mesa Verde Foundation Show & Sale in Denver, November 2014 - January 2015. The Plein Air exhibit was opposite this photo.

  • 02 Jul 2015 8:50 AM | Karen Halbert (Administrator)

    From Holly Grimm, PAPNM Member and a Quick Draw winner at the 2015 Santa Fe Plein Air Festival:

    I’m excited to be a recipient of the 2015 SWAIA SFAI Residency Fellowship. I’ll be in residency at the Santa Fe Art Institute during August and September. Also, I’ll have a booth at this year’s SWAIA – Santa Fe Indian Market. Now it’s time to stretch some canvases!

    Holly will be producing several plein air pieces as part of this fellowship. See

  • 25 May 2015 9:41 AM | Karen Halbert (Administrator)

    PAPNM Master Signature Member, Albert Handell (, has written an article published in the current June 2015 issue of Artist's Magazine:


    As Albert states in the article: "Explore the rich variety of textural contrast made possible with oils applied with brushes and knives, contrasts ranging from thin to thick and opaque to transparent".

    The article goes into detail about Albert's oil painting process. The article's sub-headings alone are intriguing:

    • Thin to Thick to Thin Again
    • Merest Wisp of a Scumble (hint: how to paint a rainbow)
    • Sleight of Knife
    • Glazed to Perfection
    • Strokes of Genius
    • A Variety of Transparent Applications
    The article also has sidebars on: 

    • Why Paint from Dark to Light
    • Materials (Paint, Brushes, Mediums)
    • Clean Color Solutions

    Short bio: "Albert Handell is a master signature member of Oil Painters of America and a master artist of the American Impressionist Society.  In 1987 he became the fourth living American artist accepted into the Pastel Society of America Hall of Fame.  In 2007, the Butler Institute of American art (Youngstown, Ohio) honored him with a retrospective exhibition of his works in pastel."

  • 25 May 2015 8:57 AM | Karen Halbert (Administrator)

    Article on Albert at the 2015 annual plein air convention in Montere in April..  

    Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Albert Handell By Bob Bahr

    Pastelists are taking note that a master of the medium is teaching at the Plein Air Convention & Exposition (PACE) this year: Albert Handell. During a recent chat with him, Handell explained the intricate relationship of plein air and studio work he pursues—an approach that may surprise you. [read more]

    For Handell, plein air work means relatively small pastel paintings that he sees as finished work. He may do the same scene much larger in oil in the studio, but the pastel won't function as a reference—although the experience will. "By doing the pastels on location I'm being exposed to the colors and the light conditions of the subject," says Handell. "But when one works in sunlight conditions, one has many options during the three hours. In the plein air piece, one can only use one of the options. But it's nice to be exposed to what else could have been."

    Those alternatives are what show up in his studio work. "I try to photograph those other considerations that excite me—and those photos and my personal experience will freshen the studio piece," he says. "I rarely paint a large oil based on a pastel done on location, and the oil painting never looks like the photograph, but without the photograph there is no's ironical".
    Handell's facility with pastels is on good display in a piece featured here, "The Flat Irons." The vertical crevice running through the rock falls in shadow, and Handell expertly expresses the crisp edge of the shadow to give the rock convincing form, while the snow in the shadowed crevice screams of the blue sky color, only darker. The New Mexico artist is a strong advocate for the use of pastels outdoors. "The immediacy of pastels works great with plein air," he says. "By varying the pressure on the pastel stick I get more than one color from each color. It makes the medium very fluid, and certainly very immediate."
    The big oil paintings may sell for more and may attract a different group of collectors, but the plein air work is key. His time at a location and the chance to photograph a scene are crucial, to start. Handell clearly gets a kick out of it, too. "There are no coffee breaks," he says. "There is no mulling it over for a day or two. It's the freshness of looking up and responding, period." Sometimes he executes a watercolor underpainting before going to pastels, and sometimes he works strictly in pastels. In either case, Handell blocks in big masses and slowly adds the minimum of details needed. "I never want to lose the impact of those big shapes," he says.
    Handell is big on capturing first impressions. He's discerning, but once he thinks he has it in mind, it's over. Consider this method of choosing subject matter: "I don't like to drive more than 20 or 30 minutes from the studio," says Handell. "When I get out of the car I am always looking. When something hits me I stop and take that very seriously, because I feel something out there has touched  something inside of me. Whenever I get one of those 'oh my gosh' hits, it's sudden and it really hits me. In the old days I used to give myself another five minutes by wristwatch to find something more perfect. But I have found that when it hits, that's it."
    In other words, Handell trusts himself. It's undoubtedly one of the reasons Handell has had the career he has enjoyed, including the recent addition of a second pastel piece to the Butler Institute of American Art, in  Youngstown, Ohio . At the Plein Air Convention, set for April 13-17 in Monterey, California, Handell will offer a demonstration, and the artist says he will be working from a photograph and utilizing a watercolor underpainting for his pastel piece. 

  • 30 Apr 2015 3:48 PM | Anita Blythe (Administrator)

  • 19 Dec 2014 1:55 PM | Anita Blythe (Administrator)

    Tseyi Canyon by artist Damien Gonzales

    (Oil on Canvas)


    Artist Damien Gonzales divides his time between painting outdoors and in the studio. Damien is an oil painter -- focusing primarily on landscape painting. According toSouthwest Art magazine, Damien has been attracted to landscape painting ever since he visited a Santa Fe gallery and viewed a stunning canvas depicting a large rock wall at the bottom of the Grand Canyon with the Colorado River flowing along its base. He notes that he enjoys representational works and aspects of impressionism that impart a sublime quality to a painting. 



    In the Shadow of Mummy Cave by artist Damien Gonzales

    (Oil on Mounted Linen)


    Gonzales has stated that he enjoys the spontaneity required to quickly capture the essence of a location-- referring to, "The most accurate color and value information possible and the other transient elements that are present only for an hour or two, at most." Damien notes that paintings completed in the field are sometimes framed and shown as they were after leaving a location -- others are used to produce additional paintings back in his studio. 


    Art critic Brian Sherwin, Editor of The Art Edge, offered some thoughts about Damien's oil landscape paintings. Sherwin said, "Damien's plein air and studio works capture the majestic power of nature. He has an eye for awe-inspiring locations... areas that reveal the intricate beauty of the natural world. Each painting reminds us that we should not take the beauty in our world for granted."


    Desert Sunrays by artist Damien Gonzales

    (Oil on Panel)


    Artist Damien Gonzales is currently represented by Purple Sage Gallery and Total Arts Gallery (click here for more gallery information). You can learn more about Damien Gonzales and his landscape paintings by visiting

  • 05 Dec 2014 12:48 PM | Anita Blythe (Administrator)

    Dee Sanchez was featured in an article of


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