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Color Passages 2012

Coni Grant's painting, first in list, was voted the favorite painting. Color Passages is an online exhibition and contest showcasing paintings of the 2012 fall season created at least 80% en plein air by PAPNM members. Thirty-five artist members submitted one entry each for this online exhibition and contest for best image, as determined by member vote. All members of PAPNM have been invited to vote for their one favorite piece. The painting receiving the most votes will be announced November 26. The artist of the winning painting will be awarded the book, Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey by Scott A. Shields and Patricia Trenton December 8 at the PAPNM annual meeting.
37 photo(s) Updated on: 14 Nov 2012
  • First Place, Coni Grant, "Indian Summer"
  • Second Place. Michael Chesley Johnson, "First Colors"
  • #1. Jacob Tarazoff. 'Wagons at Las Golondrinas'
  • #2. Paul Murray. Title: After the Freeze
  • #3. Kathleen Strukoff. "Kanarraville Petrol" oil on canvas board gold plein air frame, 14x18
  • #4. Judy Felsen. Cottonwood Spring
  • #5. Janet Cox. "Fire in the Canyon", 9x 11 oil, Painted in Dark Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains
  • #6. Gwen Wilemon, "Autumn's Final Blaze of Color"
  • #7. Cynthia West. Title: Able's Corn Patch
  • #8. Stephen Unger. Fall Shadows, 11"X14" in Acrylic, painted at Simon Canyon
  • #9. Jim Ulrich. Title: "Light in the Grove"
  • #10. Peggy Orbon. Fall Chamisa 7x12 Pastel Elena Gallegos Open Space
  • #11. Lee MacLeod. "Back Lit"; oil, 6"x6", La Cienega.
  • #12. Candace Lai. Title: Late Afternoon Cottonwood
  • #13. Phylis Hamrick. Aspens Alive! 9" x 12" Pastel Hyde Memorial State Park
  • #14. Coni Grant. Title: Indian Summer 9x12 in oil, painted en plein air in Westcliffe, Colorado
  • #15. Patricia Fuhrman. "Catching the Light" 6"x12", Oil. Pilar, NM
  • #16. Carla Forrest. Title: Chamisa Gold
  • #17. Kathleen Elsey. "Flower Field, Autumn"
  • #18. Deidre Dyson. Fallis Woods
  • #19. Karyn Debont South Baldy Aspens
  • #20. Lyn Canham. “Magnificent Aspen”
  • #21. Tom Blazier. Title: Cottonwood in Autumn
  • #22. Nita Harper. Desert Snow, oil 8x8. Near Pilar.
  • #23 Lee Jivan
  • #24. Louise Minks. The Green Bridge, 10" x 30", acrylic on canvas Over the Millers River, Millers Falls, Massachusetts
  • #25. Peggy Immel. Title: “Storm Clouds”
  • #26. Pat Ford. "The Watchman Vista",
  • #27. Susan Winklers. "Casa Rodena Winery",8 x 10 inches, Oil on canvas. Casa Rodena Winery paintout for PAPNM October 2012
  • #28. Marilyn Wightman. NEW MEXICO BEAUTY, pastel, 9 x 12.
  • #29. Melody Sears. "The Golden Tree", 11x8 pastel/
  • #30. Charles Stup. "Down There", 10x8", pastel. Painted at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas.
  • #31. Janice St Marie. "Color on the Chamisa Trail", 9x12, pastel.
  • #32. Michael Chesney Johnson. "First Colors" 9x12, oil.
  • #33. Charles Gonzales. "Monastery Morning", 6 x 8 oil on panel, painted at Monastery Lake, North of Pecos, NM.
  • #34. Diane Buster. "Autumn Colors" 11x14 oil Painted during plein air painting trip to Moab, Utah, along the Colorado River.
  • #35. Chris Easley. Title: Quaking Aspen Fall

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