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Reception Photos

12 photo(s) Updated on: 07 Sep 2014
  • Linda Eichorst, PAPNM volunteer Reception Manager tres extrordinaire. What wonderful food and ornaments she provided. Thank you, thank you, thank you...
  • Linda, Karyn, Jean and Janet
  • Linda Eichorst, PAPNM volunteer Reception Manager still at work...
  • Map with Exhibit's painting Labels
  • Jeffrey Potter accepting award with Exhibition's co-chairs, Linda Heath and Karen Halbert
  • Peggy Trigg accepting award.
  • Karyn DeBont accepting her award.
  • Just a small sampling of the wonderful food in the reception.
  • Reception tables filled with delights.
  • Gathered around the tables...
  • Are Tom Blazier (last park's award winner) and Janet Cox (2014 PAPNM Treasuerer) discussing the food or the exhibit's paintings?
  • Unusual -and beautiful-beverage container. Special thanks to Carla Forrest for storing and bringing all the beverages, plus other PAPNM supplies.

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