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2015 Santa Fe Plein Air Festival Album and Awards

BEST OF SHOW        Damien Gonzales, Isla Sandia      

2ND PLACE.             Mary Ann Warner, Remnants of Hurricane Blanca

3RD PLACE.              Mike Mahon, High Desert Sculpture

AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: OIL or ACRYLIC    Richard Prather, Around the Bend
AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: WORKS on PAPER Kathy Howard, Senora de la Luz
HONORABLE MENTION: OIL or ACRYLIC       Dick Wimberly, Sentinels of Rain
HONORABLE MENTION: WORKS on PAPER.  Ray Hassard, Old Graveyard
HONORABLE MENTIION    Tom Blazier, Fast Moving Storm
BEST SUNSET    Tom Blazier, Santa Fe  Sunset
QUICK DRAW 1ST PLACE.  Susan McCullough, An Invitation
QUICK DRAW 2ND PLACE. Holly Grimm, Santa Fe River Walk
QUICK DRAW 3RD PLACE. Michelle Chrisman, Still  Life with  Lemons

PRINTABLE list of award winners:  2015 SFPAF Award Winners List 1 page.pdf


Click on image to enlarge and/or hover over the photo for details (note-artist entries are alphabetically listed after the award winners' and juror/judges' paintings, with one Hassard painting at the end). Please be aware that pastel paintings might have some glare as they were photographed with the glass in front. 

110 photo(s) Updated on: 18 Jun 2015
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  • (sold) Damien Gonzales Isla Sandia Oil 11x14" $1,250 BEST OF SHOW
  • Mary Ann Warner Remnants of Hurricane Blanca on the Piedra Lumbre Oil on gallery wrapped linen 8x22" $1,000 2ND PLACE.
  • Mike Mahon High Desert Sculpture Pastel 12x16" $1,200 3RD PLACE.
  • (sold) Richard Prather Around the Bend Oil 9x12" $925 AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: OIL or ACRYLIC
  • (sold) Kathy Howard Senora de la Luz Pastel 8x10" $1,150 AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: WORKS on PAPER
  • Dick Wimberly Sentinels of Rain Oil 9x12" $850 HONORABLE MENTION: OIL or ACRYLIC
  • Ray Hassard Old Graveyard, Galisteo Pastel 12x12" $950 HONORABLE MENTION: WORKS on PAPER.
  • (Sold) Tom Blazier Fast Moving Storm Oil 12x9" $900 HONORABLE MENTIION
  • Tom Blazier Santa Fe Sunset Oil 10x10" $850 BEST SUNSET
  • Susan McCullough An Invitation Oil 11x12" $675 QUICK DRAW 1ST PLACE.
  • (sold) Holly Grimm Santa Fe River Walk Pastel 12x16" $350 QUICK DRAW 2ND PLACE.
  • (sold) Michelle Chrisman Still Life with Lemons Oil 12x12" $800 QUICK DRAW 3RD PLACE.
  • Jill Carver Bandera Creek Study Oil on linen 10x12" $1,450 Judge of Awards
  • (sold) Jill Carver Dolores River Study Oil on linen 10x12" $1,450 Judge of Awards
  • Jill Carver Sweet Silent Thoughts Oil on linen 10x12" $1,450 Judge of Awards
  • Bill Gallen End Of The Valley Oil on mounted linen 16x20" $3,000 Selection Juror
  • Bill Gallen Winter Along The Dolores Oil on mounted linen 9x12" $1,500 Selection Juror
  • (sold) Lee McVey Glowing Tree Pastel 8x6" $345 Selection Juror
  • (sold) Lee McVey Winter On Mesa Blanca Pastel 6x6" $325 Selection Juror
  • Peggy Immel Kolb Studio, Grand Canyon Oil/Linen Panel 8x10" $495 Quick Draw and Sunset Judge of Awards
  • Peggy Immel Windswept Oil/Linen Panel 9x12" $550 Quick Draw and Sunset Judge of Awards
  • Mark Akins First Light on the Chama Oil 18x14" $900
  • Mark Akins Raining In Tesuque Oil 14x18" $900
  • Janet Amtmann And The West Wind Came Pastel 21 1/2x18 1/2" $495
  • Janet Amtmann Song of the Big Tesuque Pastel 18 1/2x 23" $550
  • Reid Bandeen Majestic Oil 8x10" $600
  • Reid Bandeen Pecos Sanctuary Oil 8x10" $600
  • Carol Benally Chama Color Oil 11x14" $675
  • Carol Benally O'Keefe Inspiration Oil 11x14" $675
  • (Sold) Tom Blazier June Morning Oil 9x12" $900
  • Anita Blythe Enlightenment Oil 9x12" $625
  • Anita Blythe Guardian Oil 11x14" $875
  • (sold) Michelle Chrisman Last Light on Casa de San Antonio Oil 24x20" $1,450
  • (Sold) Barbara Clark The Buddha Garden Oil 9x12" $425
  • (sold) Barbara Clark Blue 'n Green Hot 'n Hazy Oil 12x12" $475
  • Tobi Clement Blown Away Pastel 9x12" $525
  • Tobi Clement Long Road to the Top Pastel 11x14" $650
  • Loretta Domaszewski Morning Bluff Oil on board 9x12" $800
  • Loretta Domaszewski Rio Santa Fe Trail Oil on board 9x12" $800
  • (sold) Fran Ellisor Back Alley Beauty Oil on linen 16x12" $1,250
  • Fran Ellisor On the Road to Enchantment Oil on linen 14x18" $1,400
  • (sold) Lisa Flynn Garden Gate Pastel 9x12" $300
  • Lisa Flynn Waldo Canyon Oil on canvas 8x10" $425
  • Patricia Rose Ford Morning Vista, Monastery Road Pastel 11x14" $895
  • Patricia Rose Ford Piedra Lumbre Morning, III Pastel 12x16" $1,000
  • (sold) Damien Gonzales Canjilon Creek At Ghost Ranch Oil 8x12" $950
  • Holly Grimm Ojitos de Los Gatos Pastel 12x16" $450
  • Holly Grimm Under Cat's Eye Arch Pastel 12x16" $450
  • Nadia Hakki Chimayo Sanctuary Oil on linen/panel 9x12" $460
  • Nadia Hakki Courtyard Aspen Oil on linen/panel 9x12" $460
  • (sold) Karen Halbert Abiquiu Rocks Oil 11x14" $700
  • Karen Halbert Chama Sings Oil 8x10" $400
  • Kim Hall Devil's Backbone from Cerrillos Oil 16x20" $750
  • Kim Hall Diablo Canyon Trail Oil 12x16" $600
  • Nita Harper Parallel Layers of Time Oil 12x16" $960
  • Nita Harper Symphony of Sienna and Sage Oil 12x16" $960
  • Kathy Howard Abiquiu Lake Pastel 8x10" $1,150
  • Nancy Hutcheson Path to the Pond Pastel 12x12" $700
  • Nancy Hutcheson Monastery Path Oil 12x16" $900
  • (sold) Molly Hyde Morning in the Canyon Oil 11x14" $350
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