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8th National Juried Members Show Album

Sequence of images: Jurors, Master Signature Members, Signature Members and Artist Members, by last name within each category. Hover over the image to see the caption and select to enlarge.

150 photo(s) Updated on: 03 Nov 2016
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  • Carol Fogelsong, "What Lies Ahead", 18x24, Pastel, $1500
  • Patricia Ford, "Red Rocks and Chamisa", 11x14, Plein Air Pastel, $1200
  • Patricia Ford, "Lonesome Palm", 18x14, Pastel - PA, $1700
  • Carla Forrest, "La Cueva II", 12x16, Oil, $700 SOLD
  • Carla Forrest, "Summer Solace", 12x16, Oil, $700 SOLD
  • Carla Forrest, "Blustery Eve", 16x12, Oil, $700
  • Peter Grab, "Moab", 9x12, Oil on canvas, $750
  • Peter Grab, "Summer Clouds", 9x12, Oil on Canvas, $700
  • Peter Grab, "Fox Creek", 11x14, Oil on Canvas, $800
  • Holly Grimm, "La Fonda, May 10 '16", 18x24, Pastel on Sanded Paper, $1400
  • Nadia Hakki, "Aboreal Elegance", 12x12, Oil on Linen on Panel, $1100
  • Karen Halbert, "Raging Animas River II", 6x12, Oil, $700
  • Karen Halbert, "Taos Mountain Afternoon", 12x16, Oil, $750
  • Karen Halbert, "As the Chama Churns", 16x20, Oil, $800
  • Nita Harper, "The Last Light", 12x16, Oil, $1250
  • Deborah Hedrick, "Summer Day at Los Golindrinas", 8x10, Oil, $700
  • Kathy Howard, "New Mexico Bouquet", 8x10, Pastel, $800
  • Brenda Howell, "Canyon Rock Study", 6x8, Oil, $795
  • Julane Jensen, "Sangre de Cristo Overlook", 10x8, Oil, $700
  • Teresa Johnson, "Spring Arrives in New Mexico", 8x10, Oil on primed panel, $700
  • Mary Julyan, "Fresh Hay Bales", 12x24, Oil, $720
  • Karen Kerschen, "Comanche Canyon Mesas", 12x12, Oil on canvas, $700
  • Karen Kerschen, "Scrubland, Comanche Canyon", 12x12, Oil on canvas, $700
  • Cheryl Koen, "Rising Storm", 36x24, Oil, $2900
  • Charles Larimore, "Rio Grande Gorge", 10x18, Oil on linen, $900
  • Jennifer Leon, "Summertime", 24x34, Oil on board, $1500
  • Jennifer Leon, "Winter Morning", 16x24, Oil on board, $1000
  • Lee MacLeod, "La Cueva Canyon", 14x11, Oil, $800
  • Lee MacLeod, "Long Forgotten", 12x16, Oil, $700
  • Meridee Mandio, "Clouds over Pedernal", 8x10, Oil, $1000
  • Jeanean Martin, "Sandia Mountains, NM ", 14x18, Oil on canvas, $1000
  • Peggy McGivern, "La Veta Pass", 16x16, Mixed Media, $1200
  • Maryann McGraw, "Rio Jemez on the Valles Caldera", 12x16, Pastel, $850
  • Margueritte Meier, "Sweet Summer", 16x20, Oil, $975
  • Margueritte Meier, "Cow Walkabout", 10x8, Oil, $750
  • John Meister, "On Edge", 11x14, Oil, $900
  • David Montgomery, "Bounty of the Acequia", 16x20, Oil on linen, $1600
  • Val Mouttet, "Dusk at Blue Lake", 16x20, Acrylic, $1000
  • Val Mouttet, "Dusk in Breckenridge", 14x11, Acrylic, $700
  • Sheila O'Malley, "Last Snow", 10x20, Oil, $1100
  • Carol Ordogne, "Summer at the Pond", 20x24, Oil, $825
  • Donal O'Toole, "Boomer", 9x12, Oil on linen panel, $750
  • Donal O'Toole, "Kitchen Mesa", 9x12, Oil on linen panel, $750
  • Deborah Paisner, "Hollyhocks Window", 20x16, Oil Painting, $1800
  • Deborah Paisner, "Hollyhocks on Abeyta Street", 16x20, Oil Painting, $1800
  • Deborah Paisner, "Clouds Rising", 12x16, Oil Painting, $960
  • Marilyn Price-Reinbolt, "Winter in the Gorge", 20x14, Watercolor, $800
  • Kyle Rafferty, "Overcast on North Mountain", 8x10, Oil on Linen Panel, $720
  • Kyle Rafferty, "Agave's View", 12x12, Oil on Linen Panel, $940
  • Beth Ray, "Around the Bend", 12x16, Oil, $850
  • Teena Robinson, "D H Lawrence Ranch", 18x14, Watercolor, $800
  • Teena Robinson, "Storm Dance", 14.5x10.5, Watercolor, $700
  • Louise Sackett, "End Of Winter Along The Mimbres", 14x11, Oil, $700
  • Jason Sacran, "Night Shift", 24x16, Oil on linen, $3600
  • Gay Scheibl, "Rattlesnake Garden", 8x10, Oil on canvas, $750
  • Sondra Schlotterback, "San Lorenzo Canyon", 9x12, Pastel, $700
  • Carrie Schultz, "Snowy Entry", 9x12, Oil on canvas board, $800
  • Carrie Schultz, "Big Shade", 8x16, Oil on panel, $900
  • Carrie Schultz, "Everyday Scene", 11x14, Oil on panel, $900
  • Mike Simpson, "Richardson Amphitheater", 9x12, Oil, $750
  • Mike Simpson, "Morning Light on the Elkhearts", 9x12, Oil, $750
  • R Gregory Summers, "Conquistador the Time has Come", 9x12, Oil, $900
  • Richard Szkutnik, "Cerrillos Rd after Storm", 17x24, Oil, $1220
  • Stephen Unger, "Spider Rock", 20x16, Plein Air Acrylic, $1250
  • Felix Voltsinger, "Vineyard in Dixon", 15x24, Oil on board, $3000
  • Felix Voltsinger, "Scooter with Lilacs", 16x24, Oil on board, $3000
  • Felix Voltsinger, "Apricot Blossom", 16x24, Oil on board, $3000
  • Patrice Walker, "Spring Storm near Taos", 8x10, Oil on Linen, $725
  • K Walling, "Down in the Canyon at Spider Rock", 14x11, Plein Air Oil, $1075
  • Mary Ann Warner, "Old Friends", 10x20, Oil on Linen Board,
  • Marilyn Wightman, "DH Lawrence Ranch", 9x12, Pastel, $700
  • Roger Williams, "Below and Beyond", 10x8, Oil on linen, $1250 SOLD
  • Roger Williams, "Dining Out", 20x16, Oil on linen, $2900
  • Roger Williams, "Campo Santo", 12x16, Oil on linen, $2250 SOLD
  • Jeanmarie Zimmerman, "Cañón de Nuez", 6x6, Oil on panel, $1000
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