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Prizes awarded at the Opening Ceremony on May 4 at the Jemez Fine Art Gallery:

1st Place - John Meister’s Forest Floored, 10x10, oil

2nd Place - Diane Buster’s Dark Canyon,  16x8, oil

 3rd Place - Peter Grab’s Mountain Ranch, 11x14, oil

Judge’s Award: Dick Wimberly, Sacred Place 
Artists’ Choice: K. Sway’s Three Sisters

Best of the Jemez: Susan Vigil, Quiet Morning Reflection
Sacred Water: Lynette Fink, Jemez Red Earth
Visiting the Past: Diane Stoffel, Rain Cloud Over San Jose de Los Jemez 
Majestic Sky: Stacy Erickson, Spring Storm at Valle Grande
Botanicals,:Bonnie Buckley, Jemez Overlook
A Unique Perspective: Roger Gathman, R. T. 126 Overlook
Life in the Jemez: Jane Chapin, New Mexico Hills are Spotted Like Lizards
Village of the Springs: Jean Kondek, Jemez Springs Pasture
Architecture: Susan Nichols, Monument Morning
Soak in the Color: Dee Sanchez,  Shades of Spring
Rocks & Stones: Beth Winfield,  Battleship Rock
Springtime: K. Sway, Three Sisters

2019 Jemez Springs Paintout and Show Award Winners.pdf

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  • Susan Aamot. Spring in the Jemez 10 x 20 Oil
  • Wendy Ahlm. Ponderosa Valley Winery 12 x 16 Oil
  • Ruan Bacigalupa. Jemez Springs 12 x 16 Oil
  • Ginny Bracht. Morning at Perea Nature Trail 11x 14 Oil
  • Lyle Brown. View From Spanish Queen 9 x 12 Oil
  • Botanicals: Bonnie Buckley. Jemez Overlook 14 x 11 Oil
  • 2nd Place: Diane Buster. Dark Canyon 16 x 8 Oil
  • Life in the Jemez: Jane Chapin. New Mexico Hills are Spotted Like Lizards 12 x 16 Oil
  • Catherine Corum. R From Ojito Wilderness 9 x 12 Oil
  • Majestic Sky: Stacy Erickson. Spring Storm at Valle Grande 9 x12 Oil
  • Connie Falk. Calm Before the Storm 9 x 12 Oil
  • Sacred Water: Lynnett Fink. Jemez Red Earth 12 x 16 Oil
  • A Unique Perspective: Roger Gathman. RT. 126 Overlook 16 x 8 Oil
  • 3rd Place: Peter Grab. Mountain Ranch 11 x 14 Oil
  • Katherine Guantt. Sunlit Grove 11 x 14 Watercolor
  • Katherine Irish. Rim Light 12 x 16 Pastel
  • Mary Julyan. Springtime in the Jemez 9 x 12 Oil
  • Village of the Springs: Jean Kondek. Jemez Springs Pasture 12 x 9 Oil
  • Joseph Laforte. South Jemez Mountain 12 x 9 Oil
  • Patricia Leister. Survivor 12 x 9 watercolor
  • Ruth Marcanti. Forsythia and Shadows 8 x 8 Oil
  • Jack McGowan. Still Snow Pack Up high Oil 9 x 12
  • Maryann McGraw. Los Ojos 11 x 14 Pastel
  • FIRST PLACE: John Meister. Forest Floored 10 x 10 Oil
  • Christopher Miller. Rainy Day, Jemez Mountains 11 x 14 Oil
  • Architecture: Susan Nichols. Monument Morning 12 x 9 Oil
  • Andra Nyman - At Spanish Queen-Jemez River, 9 x 12, Oil
  • Carol Ordogne San Ysidro 9 x 12 Oil
  • Soak in the Color: Dee Sanchez. Shades of Spring 8 x 10 Oil
  • Marcia Soderman. Jemez Red Rocks 9 x 12 Oil
  • Visiting the Past: Diane Stoffel. Rain Cloud Over San Jose de Los Jemez 9 x 12 Oil
  • Artists’ Choice and Springtime: K Sway. Three Sisters 9 x 12 Oil
  • Best of the Jemez: Susan Vigil. Quiet Morning Reflection oil 11 x14
  • Marcia Williams. Upper Paliza Canyon Creek 12 x 9 Oil
  • Judge’s Award: Dick Wimberly. Sacred Place 8 x 8 oil
  • Rocks & Stones: Winfield, Beth, "Battleship Rock", 16 x 12, Oil

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