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Albums -or sometimes titled Online Showcases- have been relocated to the Events hierarchy associated with their parent Event Page if it exists.  

  • Example: For example, the online showcase for the 11th National Juried Show is located on the menu under 2019 11th National Juried Members Exhibition (see Online Showcase).
  • Older Albums:  stand-alone (without parent Event Pages). Listed also in the Events' hierarchy in either 2010-2015 Albums and separately, 2012-2017 Online Contest Albums.
  • Galleries: On this page's hierarchy, "galleries" of larger photo images will gradually replace the representation of Albums on this page. A 'gallery' is a combination of 1 or more albums and will be so noted. Galleries are a new feature that display larger images but do not show the captions (details) of the paintings. The viewer would be directed to the specific album for more information.

SAMPLE GALLERY: Awards-10th and 11th National Shows 

From the (select for details) Awards 11th National Show and Awards 10th National Show Albums. 

But see galleries in this menu hierarchy as they are created.

HONORABLE MENTION: DRY MEDIA. Clare Scott Creekside Shadows Pastel 10" x 12" $500.00
AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: DRY MEDIA. Maryann McGraw Stormy Evening Pastel 11" x 14" $775.00
HONORABLE MENTION: WET MEDIA. Erik Speyer Aspen Vista Trail creek Watercolor 12" x 16" $600.00
AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: WET MEDIA. Val Mouttet Kimberly’s Truck Acrylic 16" x 20" $700.00
HONORABLE MENTION: OIL MEDIA. Lamya Deeb Desert Reds oil 12" x 12" $1,440.00
AWARD OF EXCELLENCE: OIL MEDIA. Elizabeth May Snowy Cactus Oil 16" x 20" $700.00
FIGURATIVE. Barbara Coleman Diggin' It oil 11" x 14" $1,200.00
ENCHANTED SKY. Dick Wimberly Rain over Taos Plain oil 9" x 12" $750.00
LOUISA McELWAIN MEMORIAL AWARD. Merrimon Kennedy Almost Spring Oil on Panel 12" x 16" $800.00
JEFFREY POTTER MEMORIAL AWARD, Valerie Cordaro Good Day Oil 14" x 18" $800.00
ARTIST CHOICE. Rajen Chanchani Abiquiu Color Fiesta Oil 20" x 16" $3,500.00
BEST OF SIGNATURE MEMBERS. Jane Chapin Lamy Yard Oil on linen panel 12" x 16" $1,650.00
BEST OF ARTIST MEMBERS, Carolyn Lindsey Mario oil on linen panel 11" x 14" $875.00
BEST OF SHOW, Thomas Wezwick Lower Glorieta Stream oil 16" x 20" $1,200.00
Artists' Choice John Meister "Prickly Heat" Oil 9" x 12" $850.00
(SOLD) BEST OF SHOW Barbara Coleman Pond Up North oil 10" x 12" $1,100.00
Best of Signature Members Damien Gonzales Little Rapids on the Rio Chama Oil 12" x 16" $2,100.00
(SOLD) Best of Artist Members Lee MacLeod Shadow Play, Abiquiu oil 9" x 12" $800.00
Award of Excellence: Nocturne Lyn Boyer Rabbit Ears Motel plein air - oil on linen panel 9" x 12" $1,250.00
(SOLD) Award of Excellence: Oil Media Meridee Mandio Cottonwoods Oil on linen board 12" x 26" $1,500.00
Award of Excellence: Wet Media Mike Simpson Petrichor watercolor 10" x 14" $1,250.00
Award of Excellence: Dry Media Seung Youn Hidden Creek Pastel 11" x 14" $650.00
(SOLD) Louise McElwain Memorial Award Loretta Domaszewski Riverside Willow Oil 8" x 24" $600.00
Jeffrey Potter Memorial Award: Dick Wimberly Love in Bloom oil 12" x 9" $850.00
Honorable Mention: Oil Media Carol Benally Arizona Vista oil on panel 9" x 12" $500.00
Honorable Mention: Wet Media Erik Speyer Canyon de Chelly watercolor 12" x 16" $600.00
Honorable Mention: Dry Media Felix Voltsinger Mighty Sycamore Trees, New Mexico Graphite on paper 9" x 12" $1,000.00
Honorable Mention: Figure in the Landscape Jane Chapin Old Town Estonia Oil on panel 9" x 12" $900.00
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