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Award Winners 10th Nat'l Members Exhibition

Printed List: 2018 10th Nat. Juried Show Judged Awards - 2018-1103.pdf

Best of Show: Barbara Coleman, “Pond Up North” (oil), $5200 value [pictured above]
Best of Signature Members: Damien Gonzalez, “Little Rapids on the Rio Chama” (oil), $3200 value
Best of Artist Members: Lee MacLeod, “Shadow Play, Abiquiu” (oil), $2500 value

 Award of Excellence – Nocturne: Lyn Boyer, “Rabbit Ears Motel” (oil), $1050 value
 Award of Excellence – Oil Media: Meridee Mendio, “Cottonwoods”, $1050 value
Award of Excellence – Wet Media: Mike Simpson, “Petrichor”, $1050 value
Award of Excellence – Dry Media: Seung Youn, “Hidden Creek”, $1050 value

Louisa McElwain Memorial Award: Loretta Domaszewski, “Riverside Willow” (oil), $700 value
 Jeffrey Potter Memorial Award: Dick Wimberly, “Love in Bloom” (oil), $700 value
Honorable Mention – Oil Media: Carol Benally, “Arizona Vista” (oil), $400 value
Honorable Mention – Wet Media: Eric Speyer, “Canyon de Chelly” (water color), $400 value
Honorable Mention – Dry Media: Felix Voltsinger, “Mighty Sycamore Trees, New Mexico” (graphite on paper), $400 value
Honorable Mention – Figure in the Landscape: Jane Chapin, “Old Town Estonia” (oil), $400 value

Artists’ Choice: John Meister, “Prickly Heat” (oil), $400 value

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  • Artists' Choice
  • Best of Signature Members
  • (SOLD) Best of Artist Members
  • Award of Excellence: Nocturne
  • (SOLD) Award of Excellence: Oil Media
  • Award of Excellence: Wet Media
  • Award of Excellence: Dry Media
  • (SOLD) Louise McElwain Memorial Award
  • Jeffrey Potter Memorial Award:
  • Honorable Mention: Oil Media
  • Honorable Mention: Wet Media
  • Honorable Mention: Dry Media
  • Honorable Mention: Figure in the Landscape

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