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2018 Color Passages Online Contest Album

The two paintings with the highest number of votes (tied) were #14 and #38 by Margi Lucena and John Meister.  They will receive gift cards to Artisans Art Supply (in Albuquerque and Santa Fe).:


Margie Lucena, A Change in the Air                               John Meister, Colors in the Wash

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40 photo(s) Updated on: 20 Dec 2018
  • A FAVORITE. Margi Lucena. 14. A Change In The Air
  • A FAVORITE. John Meister. 38. Colors in the Wash
  • 1. Dick Wimberly. Golden Blessings of Fall, 12"x 16", oil, Santa Fe Ski area-top of lift.
  • Susan Vigil, 2. Autumn Morning, 8x10", Oil, Jemez Corridor
  • Phyllis Gunderson. 3. On the Pecos River
  • Carol Ordogne. 4. Sandia Fall oil on canvas 10 x 20 inches. Coronado Monument, Bernalillo, NM
  • Particia Young. 5. Lenora Curtain Wetlands, 12x18, Pastel, Lenora Curtain Wetlands near Santa Fe
  • Risa Taylor. 6. Colorado Gold, 12” x 24”, acrylic on canvas, Coronado State Historic Site
  • Merrimon Kennedy. 7. October Morning, 14" x 11", Oil, South Fork, Colorado
  • Jeff Cooper. 8. Desert Fall, oil, just south of Deming. 8x10 2018 winter wanderland
  • Catherine Corum. 9. From Cieneguilla, 11" x 14", watercolor, Cieneguilla, near Santa Fe
  • Lynnett Fink. 10. Touch of Gold
  • Marcia Williams. 11. Early Fall Carl's Meadow, 9x12, oil, Alamo Vista Trail
  • Barbara Bodin. 12. “Badlands”, 22”x28”, oil on canvas, Nambe Badlands
  • Diane Stoffel. 13. Ghost Ranch October, 10"x20", Oil, Ghost Ranch, NM
  • A FAVORITE. Margi Lucena. 14. A Change In The Air
  • Lyn Canham. 15. "A Light in the Forest", 12" X 9", pastel on UART-board, Location: in our forest, Sacramento Mountains.
  • Shelley Howard. 16. Golden Overpass, 8"x20", Pastel. Location: Frisco, Colorado
  • Lisa Flynn. 17. "hillside glow"
  • Deborah McAllister. 18. Flying J Ranch, 8 x 8" Oil, Jefferson County Colorado
  • Nora Larimer. 19. Morning Light, 12x16, Oil, Bovee State Wildlife Preserve, Salida, CO
  • Christopher Miller. 20. "Bosque November," 9X12 Oil, Location: Rio Grande Bosque, Albuquerque
  • Ruth Marcanti. 21. "Fall Complements", Purple cliffs behind golden aspens. Oil 6"x6"
  • Linda Fleischman. 22. Elk River North Fork, CO, 9"X12" oil, Color Passages Fall Contest
  • Martha Kellar. 23. La Luz Creek, 9 x 12, oil, Location: La Luz Creek, Otero County
  • Tobi Clement. 24. Reflections of Fall 6x8 Pastel Painted at the Bosque Del Apache
  • Mark Akins. 25. Before the Roar 20x24 oil plein air. Morning at the bottom of the East Portal, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
  • Jeanean Martin. 26. Assateague Inlet 7 1/2 x 16 x 1/2 Oil on linen panel
  • James Trigg. 27. Bosque Autumn. 9" x 12" oil on panel. Santa Fe River Preserve
  • Cheryl St. John. 28. "Autumn Hangs On" 12X9 oil, painted in Paonia, CO
  • Natasha Isenhour. 29. Following Life
  • Ruan Bacigalupa. 30. Flood Gate at Paseo 14"x11", oil. Location: Albuquerque
  • Roger Gathman. 31. Bosque Trail 8” x 6”. Oil. Alameda Open Space
  • Madina Croce. 32. JUST IN TIME, oil on board, 12 x 9, Leonora Curtin Wetlands Preserve
  • Sharon Chastain. 33. "Fall Bloomers"
  • Jack McGowan. 34. Seasons Overlap in Truchas High Country
  • Peter Grab. 35. Late October
  • Kathleen Reilly. 36. Light in the Aspens, 12 x 9, oil, Location:
  • Rajen Chanchani. 37. Morning Fog
  • A FAVORITE. John Meister. 38. Colors in the Wash
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