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2019 Cloud Appreciation Contest Album

Congratulations to the winning paintings, with the highest number of votes (tied) as the Favorite Paintings by the PAPNM members. Thank you for 29 entries and the 85 voters.

Peter Campbell: #15. Clouds Over Abiquiu  

Dick Wimberly: #28. Storm Over Taos Plain

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29 photo(s) Updated on: 11 Sep 2019
  • 1. Tobi Clement. Climatic Ending 9x12 pastel Bosque Del Apache
  • 2.James Trigg. Taos Monsoon, 9" x 12", oil on panel, Taos NM.
  • 3. Ginny Bracht. Monsoons Building, 12x12, oil, Location: Embudito Canyon Open Space, Albuquerque
  • 4. Stephanie West. Rain at Sunset, 6″x12″, Oil, In El Dorado near Santa Fe
  • 5.Louise Sackett. Somewhere North of Tyrone, 12x12 oil, Silver City, NM
  • 6. Janice St Marie. Call of the Rockies, 11 x 14, pastel, Rocky Mountain National Park
  • 7. Raquel Fernandez. Icelandic Clouds
  • 8. Patricia Young. Afternoon Thunderhead at Elena Gallegos Open Space Pastel, 12x18, 2019
  • 9. Carol Belliveau. Big Cloud Over Galisteo,11x14,Oil, Galisto Basin
  • 10. Martha Kellar. Dawn Reflections
  • 11. Jacqueline Gutierrez. Clouds over Taos Junction 16x20 oil on board
  • 12. Lucas Gonzales. Piedra Lumbre Rain, 5"x7", watercolor, Location: Abiquiu
  • 13. Mark Hohnstreiter. Path to the Sky, 8x10", oil. Location: Placitas, NM
  • 14. Katherine Irish. Longs Peak, Moraine Park, and Elk, 9" x 12", pastel. Location Moraine Park, Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Tied for FIRST Place: FAVORITE PAINTING. 15. Peter Campbell. Clouds Over Abiquiu, 20x16, Oil, Abiquiu NM
  • 16. Charles Nickerson. Monsoon through the Pondarosa, 9x12 oil, Paliza Family Campground, August 21, 2019
  • 17. Bonnie Buckley. Glorious Transition
  • 18. Marcia Williams. Virga, 16 x 20, oil, Sangre de Cristos, Santa Fe
  • 10. Peter Grab, Storm Clouds, 9x12, oil on canvas, Galisteo Basin
  • 20. Lisa Flynn. Rail Trail Glory, 11X14 OIL, RAIL TRAIL
  • 21. Phyllis Johnson. Monsoon cloud over Ravens Ridge. 8 x 10 oil
  • 22. Phyllis Gunderson. Story Over the Valley
  • 23. Marcia Söderman. Storm Brewing Over the Sangres, oil, 9”x12”, Rancho Viejo, Santa Fe
  • 24. Sandra Perez. Late Summer, Sangres 9" x 12" Santa Fe, Pastel
  • 25. Michael Chesley Johnson. End of Monsoon Season, 18x10.5, pastel, Ramah NM
  • 26. Ann Lemay. Days End in Taos
  • 27. Donna Barnhil. The Road Home, pastel, Southeastern NM
  • Tied for FIRST Place: FAVORITE PAINTING. 28. Dick Wimberly. Rain over Taos Plain, 9"x 12", oil, Taos gorge overlook
  • 29. Christine Brunet-Lecomte. August Storm, 16x20, pastel; Location: Albuquerque

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