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2019 Cloud Appreciation

 Contest Album

Congratulations to the winning paintings, with the highest number of votes (tied) as the Favorite Painting by the PAPNM members:

Peter Campbell: #15. Clouds Over Abiquiu  

Dick Wimberly: #28. Storm Over Taos Plain

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29 photo(s) Updated on: 11 Sep 2019
  • 1. Tobi Clement. Climatic Ending 9x12 pastel Bosque Del Apache
  • 2.James Trigg. Taos Monsoon, 9" x 12", oil on panel, Taos NM.
  • 3. Ginny Bracht. Monsoons Building, 12x12, oil, Location: Embudito Canyon Open Space, Albuquerque
  • 4. Stephanie West. Rain at Sunset, 6″x12″, Oil, In El Dorado near Santa Fe
  • 5.Louise Sackett. Somewhere North of Tyrone, 12x12 oil, Silver City, NM
  • 6. Janice St Marie. Call of the Rockies, 11 x 14, pastel, Rocky Mountain National Park
  • 7. Raquel Fernandez. Icelandic Clouds
  • 8. Patricia Young. Afternoon Thunderhead at Elena Gallegos Open Space Pastel, 12x18, 2019
  • 9. Carol Belliveau. Big Cloud Over Galisteo,11x14,Oil, Galisto Basin
  • 10. Martha Kellar. Dawn Reflections
  • 11. Jacqueline Gutierrez. Clouds over Taos Junction 16x20 oil on board
  • 12. Lucas Gonzales. Piedra Lumbre Rain, 5"x7", watercolor, Location: Abiquiu
  • 13. Mark Hohnstreiter. Path to the Sky, 8x10", oil. Location: Placitas, NM
  • 14. Katherine Irish. Longs Peak, Moraine Park, and Elk, 9" x 12", pastel. Location Moraine Park, Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Tied for FIRST Place: FAVORITE PAINTING. 15. Peter Campbell. Clouds Over Abiquiu, 20x16, Oil, Abiquiu NM
  • 16. Charles Nickerson. Monsoon through the Pondarosa, 9x12 oil, Paliza Family Campground, August 21, 2019
  • 17. Bonnie Buckley. Glorious Transition
  • 18. Marcia Williams. Virga, 16 x 20, oil, Sangre de Cristos, Santa Fe
  • 10. Peter Grab, Storm Clouds, 9x12, oil on canvas, Galisteo Basin
  • 20. Lisa Flynn. Rail Trail Glory, 11X14 OIL, RAIL TRAIL
  • 21. Phyllis Johnson. Monsoon cloud over Ravens Ridge. 8 x 10 oil
  • 22. Phyllis Gunderson. Story Over the Valley
  • 23. Marcia Söderman. Storm Brewing Over the Sangres, oil, 9”x12”, Rancho Viejo, Santa Fe
  • 24. Sandra Perez. Late Summer, Sangres 9" x 12" Santa Fe, Pastel
  • 25. Michael Chesley Johnson. End of Monsoon Season, 18x10.5, pastel, Ramah NM
  • 26. Ann Lemay. Days End in Taos
  • 27. Donna Barnhil. The Road Home, pastel, Southeastern NM
  • Tied for FIRST Place: FAVORITE PAINTING. 28. Dick Wimberly. Rain over Taos Plain, 9"x 12", oil, Taos gorge overlook
  • 29. Christine Brunet-Lecomte. August Storm, 16x20, pastel; Location: Albuquerque

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