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President's Message - April 2021

11 Apr 2021 11:44 PM | Phyllis Gunderson (Administrator)

Dear PAPNM family

As the weather continues to improve, more and more of us aregetting out and enjoying the beauty that surrounds.  I feel particularlygrateful for the opportunity to go outside and paint with talentedfriends. I haven’t been out painting much in the last several months,but recently took the opportunity to try out new hardware to get out topaint. No, I didn’t get a new easel, but rather a new hip; I had a fullhip replacement in March.  It's interesting to note that when you can’tseem to do something you dearly love due to issues beyond yourcontrol, the return to your passion is all the more sweet. Many of ushave stayed away from gatherings and friends for far too long.  Asconditions and weather improves, I would encourage you to embracethe opportunity to get out and paint.

I’m excited to report that we will have our first major event starting inabout a week.  The  "Hot Springs, Cool Town" Non-Juried Paint Out andShow in Jemez Springs is in full swing and moving forward ourintrepid co-chairs Wendy Ahlm and Susan Nichols have planned andput together a fun and very well organized event.  There may be aspot or two still open for Tobi Clemens workshop.  If interested checkit out. We have 60 artists converging on the unique beauty of theJemez Springs area for the week before the opening.  If I am notmistaken, this is the largest turn out yet for this event. I hope to seeyou out there!

PAPNM Paint Out are starting up as well.  Check out the PaintOuts page for upcoming events! Thank you to our Paint OutCoordinators for searching out great locations and hosting: CharlesCoutret - Central NM,  Michael Chesley Johnson - Western NM andSuzanne Schleck - Northern NM.  Please remember that when yousign up for a PAPNM Paint Out that you have one of the limited spotsfor that paint out.  While we all know that life happens and thingscome up, the coordinators would really appreciate you letting themknow in advance to not to look for you if you can’t be there.  If youcan give advance notice, even better, as we may have someone on awaiting list.

In my last note to all of you I wrote about the upcoming Plein Air Cafe- a virtual meet up once a month on Zoom to talk about all thingsPlein Air Painting. We have had to take a step back from that and willbe looking for a coordinator from the membership to facilitate thecalls.  We should put a formal call in a week or so. Please consideradding your talent to our activities.

Again, wishing you health and creativity as you go forth to interpret the beauty of New Mexico and other state landscapes as Plein Air painters.

Again wishing you the best of health and creativity

Phyllis Gunderson, President PAPNM

Again, wishing you health and creativity as you go forth to interpret the beauty of New Mexico and other state landscapes as Plein Air painters.

Best Regards, 

Phyllis Gunderson, President 

Plein Air Painters of New Mexico

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