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Spring Paintout Location Table Apr 28 - May 4

General Information:
•     Participants who do not check in for packets and panel stamping at the designated morning paintout locations may do so at Jemez Fine Art Gallery, Jemez Springs, 11-5 daily except Tues (otherwise see scheduled location each day). Note that you may stamp panels for the whole week at these locations.

     CAUTION: observe all posted speed limits, and watch for animals and pedestrians on roadways. Speed limits are strictly enforced!
     TAKING PHOTOS OR PAINTING IS PROHIBITED on the Jemez reservation from 2 to 8mm Hwy 4, and to 3mm Hwy 290.
     The scheduled paintout locations listed below are optional. Participants may elect to paint in other locations unless restrictions apply. Note that some locations are designated for check-in/panel stamping *. 
     Some sites in red can only be used for painting on the indicated days, with special individual permission required to complete a painting on subsequent days. Any guest must accompany the registered participant in these restricted areas.

Location Key:

     *: Panels stamped at 8 a.m. each day at the optional, scheduled Paintout location
     Red: restricted areas or available by permission.
     Facilities: F -Food available, eatery, S-Convenience Store, G-Gas Station, [RR] outdoor rest room, RR-indoor rest room
     Painting: v-vistas, m-mesas, c-canyons, s-stream, r-rocks, p-pasture/meadow

      "mi" is the number of miles from beginning of hwy (also the mile marker)

Highway 4: There are many rest stops/fishing access along highway 4 with vistas, mesas, canyons, rocks and streams, plus cottonwood, juniper and cacti Rest stops with restrooms are at mm 13.9, and 13.1 (Vista Linda campground). Convenience stores with customer’s restrooms are at mm 7 and 11.

Cabezon Road and Ojito area recommended for high clearance or 4WD vehicles.

to print: select print from your browser (landscape view)                            RR: Indoor restroom. [RR]: Outdoor restroom
              OR select and print 2017 Spring Paintout and Show Location Table.pdf

Day  Site  
* Panel Stemping
mi/mm  Restroom  Gas Store  Food  vista  mesa  canyon  stream  rocks   pasture Additional 
Fri,_Apr_28 San Ysidro Hwy 550 & 4
 RR, [RR]  G  S  F              
  *San_Ysidro_Church Parking Lot
         v  m  c       historic church 
  CWW Feed Store   [RR]      F              livestock, corrals, tractors, tack, arena
  San_Ysidro Lane 1 mi Hwy 4 RR        v  m  c     p  horses, tractors, adobe homes
  Perea Nature Trail 22 mi Hwy 550          v  m    s     wetland
  Hiking Trails BLM Area
25 mi Hwy_550          v  m  c    r   white_mesa view 
 Sat,_Apr_29 Jemez Pueblo 7413 Hwy 4  RR, [RR]  G  S  F  v  m  c    r   field house
   8-5 pm *Walatowa Visitor Center
 (lunch 11-2)
 7.7 mi Hwy 4                     Painting all day, Catered Lunch with PAPNM Registration 
  Red Rocks trail area
             m  c        cliffs,arroyo,  junipers
Sun,_Apr_30 Morning  Ponderosa Hwy 290                      
  *Santo Toribio Church 4.5 mi Hwy 290           v  m  c        historic church (park up hill @church)
  Ponderosa Winery     
3.1 mi Hwy 290   RR        v  m      r   vineyard, truck, house, trees, shop     
Sun,_Apr_30 Afternoon  Gilman Hwy 485                     narrow, paved road 
 open at 1:30 gate into parking area 4 mi Hwy 485          v  m  c  s  r  p sandstone cliffs
  Gilman tunnels 5 mi Hwy 485              s      narrow canyon with stream and steep walls,
  Junction of Hwy 4 & 485                   s  p narrow bridge, confluence of 2 streams, cottonwoods 
Mon_May 1  Jemez Springs Hwy 4                      
  *Legion Drive, Madonna Hall parking lot  17.4 mi Hwy 4          v  m  c    r    
  Jemez Fine Art Gallery 17.3 mi Hwy 4   RR        v  m  c        
  Our Lady of the Assumption grounds and Presbyterian Cemetery            v  m  c    r    
  Community Park     
17.1 mi Hwy 4    RR        v  m      r   Covered area, large parking area 
  Jemez Springs Village Park   17.6 mi Hwy 4                      Hot spring, Historic Bath House, gazebo
  Soda Dam 
19 mi Hwy 4
           m  r    
Tues_May 2  *Jemez Historic Site  18.1 mi Hwy 4
         v  m  c    r   *Meet at 8 to park at site, additional parking across street 
Wed_May 3  La Cueva (and Battleship Rock, Valles Caldera, Fenton Lake)    


  *La Cueva Lodge     
Hwy 4 & Hwy 126      S  F  v      s    p  fire pit area to gather in evening,  
  Battleship Rock  23 mi  RR              s  r   entrance fee $5/car or free roadside parking lot
  La Cueva Picnic Ground   26 mi              c  s  r   Rio San Antonio    

From La Cueva:

      Take Hwy 4 to paint at Valles Caldera (13 mi), and other roadside parking areas along the way such as Jemez Canyon Overlook, East Fork, Jemez Falls, etc.
      Take Hwy 126 to paint at Fenton Lake (8 mi).

Mail information to:
P. O. Box 20503
Albuquerque, NM 

Mail Payments to: 
Donna Barnhill (Treasurer) 
P.O. Box 1948
Santa Fe, NM  

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