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2012 Art in the Parks Awards

Plein Air Painters of New Mexico – Art in the Parks – 2012

         1st Place - Tom Blazier – Cerrillos Hills State Park 
PAPNM Cash Award, Jack Richeson Gift Certificate)

2nd Place – Peggy Immel – Storm Cloues 
                                      (PAPNM Cash Award, Jack Richeson Gift Certificate)

             3rd Place – Mary Julyan – Late Day at Cerrillos Hills
(PAPNM Cash Award)

Sponsor Awards                                             Artist                                                   Title

Guerrilla Painter LLC                                     Reid Bandeen                         Cimarron Cottonwoods
New Mexico Art League Cash Award              Elaine Koehler                         Sugarite State Park
Raymar Art gift certificate                              Janice St Marie                       Show Stopper
SourceTek Canvas Panels                             Peggy Orbon                           Eagle Nest Lake
SourceTek Canvas Panels                             Deborah Paisner                      Autumn

8 photo(s) Updated on: 09 Dec 2012
  • 1st Place. Tom Blazier, "Cerrillos Hills State Park"
  • 2nd Place, Peggy Immel, "Storm Clouds"
  • 3rd Place. Mary Julyan, "Late Day at Cerrillos Hills"
  • Reid Bandeen, "Cimaroron Cottonwoods"
  • Elaine Koehler, "Sugarite State Park"
  • Janice St. Marie, "Show Stopper"
  • Peggy Orbon, "Eagle Nest Lake".
  • Deborah Paisner, "Autumn"
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