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Additional Paintout Locations

Hwy 4  

There are many rest stops/fishing access locations along Hwy 4 – V,M,C,R,S,  as well as cottonwood, juniper, cacti

Fenton Lake

 Take Hwy 126 to paint at Fenton Lake (8 mi).

Cabezon Road and Ojito area:

high clearance or 4WD vehicles recommended.

Valles Caldera

Take Hwy 4 to paint at Valles Caldera (13 mi), and other roadside parking areas along the way such as Jemez Canyon Overlook, East Fork, Jemez Falls, etc.

Calendar - Events and Scheduled Paintout Locations

  • This information will be available in the Artist Information Packet at sign in at the sites and at the Gallery.
  • See General Paintout Information for additional information: maps and guidelines. 
  • Listed paintouts are optional locations for each day.  Sample photos included in the details.
  • Switch to Calendar View for days at a glance (month view especially useful).
  • Note that  some sites in red, in the details, can only be used for painting on the indicated days, with special individual permission required to complete a painting on subsequent days. Any guest must accompany the registered participant in these restricted areas.
Use the following key for each of the day's printouts (also listed in each event):


  • *: Panels stamped. (Note that panels many be stamped for the whole week at one time. You may stamp additional panels at any of the indicated locations and times as well).
  • Red: restricted areas or available by permission.
  • Facilities: F -food available, eatery, CS-convenience store, G-gas station, [RR] outdoor rest room, RR-indoor rest room
  • Painting: v-vistas, m-mesas, c-canyons, r-rocks, s-stream, p-pasture/meadow
  • "mi" is number of miles from beginning of hwy or mile marker
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