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2022 Fechin Invitational

22 photo(s) Updated on: 29 Mar 2022
  • Barbara Churchley, Aspen Season, 6x18, pastel
  • Carole Belliveau, Relic of the Past, 12x16, oil
  • Thomas Wezwick, Cold Waters, 18x24, oil
  • Barbara Coleman, Orilla Verde, 16x20, oil
  • MaryAnn McGraw, Evensong, 11x14, pastel
  • Peggy Immel, Downstream Promise, 12x16, oil
  • Natasha Isenhour, A Portrait of Trees, 12x24, oil
  • Jane Chapin, Storm Over Spirit Mountain, 12x24, oil
  • Jane Hunt, Evening Graze, 11x14, oil
  • JoeAnna Arnett, Chamisa and Asters, 12x16, oil
  • Margi Lucena, Always Changing, 24x18, pastel
  • Lee McVey, Chamisa Patch, 12x12, oil
  • Mike Simpson, Spring Days, 14x18, oil
  • Nancy Silvia, Cloud Dance Over Taos, 18x24, pastel
  • Paul Murray, The Wine Shed, 17.5x15, pastel
  • Peggy Trigg, The Hidden Pools, 24x12, oil
  • Richard Prather, It's Not Always Going to be This Grey, 11x14, oil
  • Janice St. Marie, Sing to Me, Autumn, 16x20, pastel
  • Suzanne Morris, Running Free, 12x16, oil
  • Albert Handell, The Giant, 16x20, pastel
  • Tom Blazier, The Mystic, 12x16, oil
  • Tobi Clement, Crimson and Gold, 11x14, pastel

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