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Albert Handell at Pastel Live Sept 18-20

07 Jul 2024 12:02 PM | Admin PAPNM (Administrator)

Join me at Pastel Live to Unveil the Beauty of Pastels! 

In preparation for this year's Pastel Live, I've crafted an educational demonstration that highlights the remarkable qualities of the pastel medium. This year, I decided to focus on how to work with pastel from an oil painting, showcasing the intense colors and unique beauty that pastels offer.
In my demonstration, I explore how the vivid colors of pastels, particularly ye
llows and reds, can be enhanced with a mixture of hues to produce a dynamic mauve. Additionally, I delve into the interplay of colors in different lighting conditions. You'll see how vibrant pastel colors appear opaque in sunlight, while the shadows are slightly darker and more transparent, creating a striking contrast.

Join me at Pastel Live to discover the intense and captivating world of pastels, and to learn techniques that will enrich your artistic journey. 


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This event takes place September 18-20, 2024, 

with an Essential Techniques Day on September 17. 

My Pastel for Pastel Live 

I decided that my pastel demonstration for this year's Pastel Live be primarily educational.
I also decided I wanted to demonstrate how to work with Pastel from an oil painting and show the intense colors and beauty of the pastel medium.

Usually one paints an oil from a pastel as if the oil was more important than Pastel. This is in reverse....(I don't believe I emphasized that in the video). 

I wanted to show how intense pastel colors, yellow and red, can be complemented with a mixture of colors that ends up with a vibrating mauve..... 
I also wanted to show how vibrant pastel colors, again yellow and red, look opaque in sunshine, and how the shadows are slightly darker and more transparent and show the contrast of the two areas.

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