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Archived Paintout Album

Photos from select older Paintouts.  

261 photo(s) Updated on: 06 Nov 2017
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  • Where was this painted?
  • Just painted this up in Aldea where I am living. Quick 30 min shoutout to the closing of the day. Water encaustic paint.
  • I love painting aerial views. They offer a great abstract design that allows for the freedom to explore shapes. This painting takes place in the airs of Los Angeles.
  • A studio painting that took me two years to complete. There is a great amount of paint depth and paint expression that is lost in photo translation. This is all about the movement of patterns.
  • It is incredible what you can do with one simple shadow shape.
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer at a paintout in Los Lueros on Oct. 25. Eric reports that: There were quite a few painters there that day, but Early birds were rewarded With a sighting of many cranes.
  • Sharon Abshagen painting out in beautiful Truchas
  • Coronado Monument
  • Coronado monument
  • Coronado Monument
  • Coronado Monument
  • Coronado Monument
  • Lyle Brown -Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Cris Miller - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Lavern Bohlin - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Lynette Fink - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Connie Falk - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Ann LeMay - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Carol Ordogne - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Nancy Davis - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Risa Taylor - Gutierrez Hubble House
  • Nancy Oliphant, painting in Pecos
  • Jane Chapin, painting in Pecos
  • Kay Sway, painting in Pecos
  • Ruan Bacigalupa, painting in Pecos
  • Davina Snowden, painting in Pecos
  • Diane Stoffel, painting in Pecos
  • Paintings from a recent paint out in Corrales
  • Purple Adobe Lavender Farm
  • Under the shade
  • Lovely day for a paint out
  • Purple Adobe Lavender Farm in Abiquiu, New Mexico
  • Fields of lavender
  • The finished piece from the tailgate painting demo by Carla ForresJun 23, 2018 at Tingley Beach. For now titled, "A Couple of Buddies at the Beach" .
  • the informal subdivision grid created by Carla Forrest for her demo painting on 6/23/2018. This technique was invented/popularized for illustrations by Andrew Loomis almost a century ago.
  • Carla Forrest at her easel on 6/23/2018 at Tingley Beach.
  • Observers at the Carla Forrest Demo of 6/23/2018 at Tingley Beach.
  • Observers at the Carla Forrest Demo of 6/23/2018 at Tingley Beach.
  • 8x10. Oil. By C.S. Talley. Los Luceros. June 16, 2018.
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer. "I have taken up painting on a watercolor Moleskin book since they are very handy. One brush, small palette, water container. I usually do four or five paintings per day.
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer: Painted at an SFPAF Paintout day. Along the Rio Grande on the Orilla Verde. Always a great place to paint. John Marin painted there.
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer. . “Also painted on an SFPAF day at Ghost Ranch. A great view of the cliffs looking North.”
  • Watercolor by Eric Speyer. “Ghost Ranch entrance road site. A bit dusty but worth it. On the far left is the Chama River”.
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