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Juried Members Gallery

Elena Zotova Cerrillos hills and beyond Oil on gesso board 8" x 8" x 0.75" $350.00
ENCHANTED SKY AWARD. Dick Wimberly Stillness at Sunset oil 6" x 12" x 0" $400.00
Dick Wimberly Truchas in Fall oil 9" x 12" x 0" $750.00
Stephanie West Nuestra Señora De La Luz II / Our Lady of Light II Oil 9" x 12" x .125" $534.00
Marilyn Wightman The Land Sings Pastel 12" x 9" x 0" $770.00
Marilyn Wightman Taking the Long View paste 9" x 12" x 0" $700.00
Stephanie West Nuestra Senora De La Luz I / Our Lady of Light I Oil 18" x 10" x .125" $889.00
Susan Vigi-Vigil Sunlit Grove Oil 14" x 11" x 0" $550.00
Richard Szkutnik Wagon oil 12" x 12" x 0" $650.00
Richard Szkutnik Las Trampas oil 12" x 12" x 0" $650.00
Janice St Marie Old Adobe, Arroyo Seco pastel 9" x 12" x 0" $525.00
Janice St Marie Beloved New Mexico pastel 11" x 14" x 0" $750.00
Soderman-Olson, Marcia_"Storm Clouds Over Sangres"_oil_5x10.5_$300.
Silvia, Nancy_"Approach of Evening at Ghost Ranch"_oil_12x16_$900.
Sanchez, Dee_"Neighbors"_oil_9x12_$600.
BEST OF SHOW, SOLD. Reilly, Kathleen_"Playground Lockdown"_oil_8x10_$525.
Reilly, Kathleen_ _"Breaking Ice"_ oil on panel 9" x 12" x .25"
Paisner, Deborah_"Monte Del Sol"_oil_14x11_$1070.
Paisner, Deborah_"Terra Cotta Welcome"_oil_8x10_$700.
Morel, Chris_"Autum Jicarita"_oil_12x16_$3200.
Meuser, Bill_"Outcrop"_oil_12x16_$800.
Montgomery, David_"Both Sides Now"_oil_9x12_$650.
Meuser, Bill_"Winter Snowscape"_oil_12x16_$800.
Meister, John_"In The Pines"_oil_6x12_$500.
Meister, John_"Six in a Row"_oil_8x16_$750.
McGowan, Jack_"Canoncito Chapel"_oil_12x16_$1200.
May, Elizabeth_"Los Luceros"_oil_12x9_$700.
Marcanti, Ruth_"Come Walk With Me"_oil_16x12_$600.
MacLeod, Lee_"Bluffs"_oil_9x12_$950
MacLeod,Lee_"Morning Light on the Mesa"_oil_6x8_$300.
Lindsey, Carolyn_"Cottonwood"_oil on linen_8x10_$650.
ARCHITECTURAL AWARD, Lindsey, Carolyn_"Sullivan Farm"_oil on linen_8.5x14_$750.
Larimer, Nora_"Big Sky Over Rio Grande"_Watercolor_13x13_$500.
Gurukirn, Khalsa_"Santuario de Chimayo"_Gouache_11x8_$600.
Irish, Katherine_"River by Battleship Rock"_Pastel_11x14_$625.
Irish, Katherine_"From Echo Amphitheater"_Pastel_12x9_$575.
Gunderson, Phyllis_"Terra-Cotta"_oil_8x10_$500.
Grab, Peter_"Open Field, Morning"_oil_9x12_$600.
AWARD OF EXCELLENCE. Grab, Peter_"Ghost Ranch"_oil_12x16_$800.
Flynn, Lisa_"EarlyArrival"_oil on Panel_8x10_$750
Flynn, Lisa_"Cha Cha cha"_oil_12x12_$900.
Deeb,Lamya_"Taos Summer Rain"_oil_8x10_$850.
Deeb, Lamya_"Blue Door with Adobe and Sunflowers"_oil_8x8_$650.
DeBont, Karyn_"Couse Garden"_oil on Linen_10x10_$475.
DeBont, Karyn_"Sky Serpent, Taos Valley"_oil_8x16_$595.
Davis, Terry_"Arroyo"_oil_12x16_$700.
Cooper, Elizabeth_"Is the Mail Here Yet?"_oil_12x9_$540.
Coleman, Barbara_"There's a Lot Of Dinosaurs Up There"_oil_9x12_$900.
Coleman, Barbara_"Hours of Gold"_oil on Linen Panel_10x12_$900.
Clark, Barbara_"She Thinks my Tractor is Sexy"_oil_11x14_$750.
Clark, Barbara_"Looking South"_oil_8x10_$500.
HONORABLE MENTION. Churchley, Barbara_"Sageland"_pastel_11x14_$900.
Churchley, Barbara_"In Harmony"_pastel_9x12_$700.
Ginny Bracht Before the Rain Oil on Canvas Panel 10" x 8" x 0.75" $400.00
Bonham, Liz_"Cedar Crest Ridge"_oil_12x16_$950.
HONORABLE MENTION. Bonham, Liz_"Ghost Ranch Ridge"_oil_8x10_$500.
Blythe, Anita_"Afternoon Taos"_oil_14x11_$850.
Berg, Marian_"Glowing Mesas"_oil on panel_8x16_$400.
Belliveau, Carole_"Winter Light"_oil_11x14_$600.
Belliveau, Carole_"Looking North'_11x14_oil_$600.
Barnhill, Donna_"The Iris Dance"_oil_9x12_$625.
HISTORIC MASTERS AWARD. SOLD, Barnhill, Donna_"Pecos Morning"_oil_9x12_$500.
Bandeen, Reid_"Sandia Dawn"_ oil on linen_7x12_$500.
Arenberg, Diane_"Daybreak"_pastel_12x16_$950.
Arenberg, Diane_"Beautifully Aged"_pastel_13x13_$850.
Ahlm, Wendy_"Monastery Road"_watercolor_12x16_$700.
Ahlm, Wendy_"Between"_Watercolor_12x16_$700.
Maryann McGraw - "Socorro Hills" - Terry Ludwig Award - Pastel Box
Emmett Johns, Heilman Materials Award, "Box Canyon, High Road", Oil
Melody Sears, Best of Show and Heilman Designs Materials Award, "Canyon Contrasts", Pastel
Karyn DeBont, Second Place, "Black Canyon Morning", Oil
Janet Amtmann, Third Place, "Before the Climb", Pastel
Peggy Orbon, RGAA Award, "Sun Patterns", Pastel
Elaine Koehler, Curious Crow Peoples Choice, "Wetlands", Pastel
Seung Youn, First Place-Quick Draw, Pastel
MaryAnn McGraw and Buyer, Second Place-Quick Draw, Pastel
Diane Buster, Third Place - Quick Draw, Oil
Jim Ulrich, Richeson Materials Award, Quick Draw, Oil
Chuck Stup, Richeson Materials Award, Quick Draw, Pastel
Jane Chandler, Judson's Materials Award, Quick Draw, Watercolor

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